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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The ability to pause is very useful. Many times we react instinctively, without taking the time to think about how our words or actions will affect others.

This is especially true if we feel threatened or offended by something another person says or does. By pausing, we allow our rational thought process to rise to the surface, and respond more appropriately than when we react defensively.  We often misinterpret another person's intentions when seen through the lens of our own fears and insecurities.  We make it "all about us" and fail to understand their point of view. 

Our world of moves quickly, and our brains work very rapidly; a pause of only a few seconds can make a big difference in a conversation or interaction. Taking a deep breath is often a good way to pause. 

It is especially important to pause when texting or emailing, preferably waiting over night if it is a difficult interaction. Give yourself time to think, to overcome, to choose to be kind instead of lashing out. 

Practice pausing this week. 

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