About Us

The Kindness Project is a company dedicated to raising awareness of the power of kindness in communities around the world.


We believe that every person can make a difference in the world through simple acts of kindness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage people to directly experience the power of kindness. To be kind is a choice; we decide how we treat ourselves, others, and our planet.

We can choose to be kind. 


Become an advocate for kindness! Practice our simple program of action and wear our products to share the message of kindness in your community.

Are you strong enough to be kind?

Our Products

We want this to be your favorite shirt, so that you'll wear it all the time. We used brushed cotton material that is super soft, and chose a comfortable neckline that is not too high. Our shirts come in sizes XS-XXXL. 

Kindness Crew.jpg

Our other products are thoughtfully chosen for both quality and usefulness.  Our aim is to offer the best quality product at the best price we can.

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Our Team

Dr. Claire Lodahl is a veterinarian dedicated to bringing kindness and compassion to her work. Her vision was to start a project that would help spread the message of kindness around the world. 


The Kindness Project is a limited liability company with team members Dr. Claire Lodahl and her 4 daughters. 

The Kindness Project has no opinion on outside issues, including politics or religion.  

Our Profits

A percentage of profits are always donated to charitable organizations, currently including, but not limited to: 


We will also be supporting The Kindness Foundation and are currently developing educational programs for schools focused on “Strong Enough to Be Kind.” The majority of profits are re-invested toward growth so that we can expand to better spread our message kindness around the world.